• Last Modified: Friday 02 June 2023.

Completed Projects




Setting up of model room for Railway Staff Academy at Chittagong




Aqaba Workshop Extension Project, Jordan.




Advanced Training Center near Sepang.




Remodelling of B.P. Koirala Institute at Dharan, Nepal.

Construction of Pension paying office complex at phurse, dharan, Nepal.

Construction of Yatrinivas at Janakpur, Nepal.


Saudi Arabia


Detailed design and construction of major maintenance workshop at Dammam., Saudi Arabia.




Building work for Extension of 9 Sub - Stations on Turnkey basis for Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation at a cost of Rs. 265 Million.

Our valued Clients

Bangladesh Railways, BANGLADESH .

Ministry of communication of Roads & Highway Department (RHD), Bangladesh

Aquaba Railway Corporation, Jordan.

Malaysian Railway .

B.P. Koirala Institute at Dharan, Nepal.

Government of Nepal.

Saudi Railway Organisation- SAUDI ARABIA.

Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation .

New University Complex of CIFE (Phase-III).