IRCON's wide range of experience in constructing Bridges & Flyovers includes the following:
  • Pre-stressed Concrete Girder using the most modern type of launching truss – Pre-stressed pre-cast continuous box girders on curve, bridges Viaducts (RCC / Pre-Stressed conc.) for Elevated portion of MRTS.
  • Bridge works on open foundation in rocky strata – Major and Important perennial rivers, viaducts and ocean creeks.
  • Bridges on Well Foundation, caissons etc with / without Pneumatic sinking.
  • Construction of viaducts with pier height of 70 m.
  • Construction of flyovers on busy intersections in India and Abroad.
  • Fabrication and Erection of Steel Super structure with span length of 123 m, each span wieghing 2100 MT for Ganga Bridge at Patna.
  • Construction of Bridges in very high terrain of Jammu & Kashmir .
  • Cable Stayed Bridge.
Completed Projects
  • Senen Flyover Project, Jakarta Indonesia INDONESIA  – US$ 11 million .
  • Pramuka - Matraman Flyover Project Jakarta, Indonesia  – US$ 5 million.
  • Improvement of 11 Intersections at Dhaka, Bangladesh (Contract Package No. (W) (C3) – US$ 3 million.
  • Major Bridges for Construction of Qazigund - Srinagar - Baramulla New B.G. Railway Line. - Rs. 7500 Million
  • Construction of ROBs in Madurai - Kanyakumari section of NH-7 including approaches and culverts in the State of Tamil Nadu - Rs. 1427 Million
  • ROBs over Railway Lines  for MSRDC (Phase-I & II) –  Rs. 1750 million.
  • Design & Construction of Doubling Project upto formation Level (Second Bridge on River Mahanadi) - Rajatgarh - Barang Section of RVNL - Rs. 700 Mn.
  • Construction of Cable stayed bridge and approaches at Bangalore –  Rs. 397 million.
  • Construction of Bridge between Kopria & Mansi Stations of Mansi - Saharsa Section of Gauge Conversion work and Bridge.
  • Superstructure Box Grider for Metro Railway/ Kolkatta between Dum Dum Cant & NSCBI Airport  - Rs. 122 Million.
  • Construction of High level Road bridge across Arpa River at Bilaspur(MP) INDIA –  Rs. 60 million.
  • Construction & Lunching of PSC Box Girder on the already constructed sub structured on RTS alignment section -D of MRTS Project Chennai – Rs. 150 million.
  • Construction of ROB over main line of S. E. Railway connecting Howrah to Kharagpur at Santragachi Yard for Kona Expressway
  • Construction of Western Approach Viaduct (Package-III) for KONA Expressway –  Rs. 160 million.
  • Flyover at JVLR - Jai Coach Junction, Mumbai –  Rs. 270 million .
  • Construction of 4 No. Road over Bridges near Tiruchirapalli for Southern Railway. 
  • Execution of superstructure with PSC Box girders over already completed substructure for sections 'G', 'H' & 'J' for MRTS Phase-II, Tirumalai (Luz), Velacheri –  Rs. 150 million .
  • Construction/Re-construction of 4 Nos. Bridges on Turnkey Basis (Pkg-VI) in Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu –  Rs. 190 million.
  • Gandak Road Bridge on River Gandak for N-E Rly. –  Rs. 102 million .
  • ROB at Fatuha for E-Rly (Bridge portion & Approaches)  – Rs. 82 million.
  • Dum Dum Underpass for CMDA, Kolkata  - Rs. 85 Mn.
  • Mansi - Saharsa Railway Bridge Project, Khagaria (Bihar) – Rs. 350 million.
  • Construction of Elevated structure for single line track consisting of superstructure with RCC girders over the completed sub-structure (piers) between Ch. 1040 M to 3810 M in connection with extension of circular Railway from Dum Dum contonment to NSCBI Airport – Rs. 122 million.
  • Construction of Cable Stayed Road Over Bridge at Cheriya Tand. Patna Station Yard Limit in lieu of existing ROB No. 127 – A at a cost of Rs. 140 million.
  • Design & Construction of Doubling Project upto formation Level (Second Bridge on River Kuakhai) - Cuttack - Barang Section of RVNL - Rs. 380 Mn.
  • Construction of elevated structure for Double line track consisting of superstructure with prestressed Concrete box girders (Casting & Launching) over the already completed sub structure (Trestles) in connection with the Extension of Metro Railway from Tollygunge to Garia at a cost of Rs. 180 Million.
  • Design and construction of 1785 meter long double track railway bridge across Vasai Creek, Mumbai- Rs. 440 Million

On-going Projects
  • Construction of steel super-structure and other ancillary works of rail cum road bridge across river Ganga at Patna.
  • Major Bridges and Tunnels for Laole - Quazigund New BG Rail line Project.
  • Construction of ROBs (Road Over Bridges) in the State of Bihar.
  • Construction of 20 no. of ROBs in Rajasthan.
  • Construction of 592meter long cable stayed major permanent bridge over river Ravi at Basoli (km 14.74) on road Dunera-Durban-Basoli-Bhadarwah in J&K state under project Samapark .
  • Construction of 2nd Bhairab Bridge alongwith the approaches.
Our Valued Clients
  • National Highway Authority of India.
  • CIDCO, Mumbai.
  • Indian Railways (Various Zones).
  • Public Work Department / Development Authority (Various State Govt.)
  • NTPC
  • Coalfields Limited (Various Zones).
  • CMDA (Kolkata Municipal Development Authority).
  • Electricity Board (Various States).
  • MSRDC (Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation).
  • Metropolitan Transport Project (Railways), Chennai.
  • Tamilnadu Agriculture Development Project SCRDS, Govt. of Tamilnadu.
  • Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC).
  • Port Trust of India.
  • DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation).
  • RVNL (Rail Vikas Nigam Limited).
  • Metro Railway, Kolkata .
  •  Border Road Organization (BRO)
  • Govt. of Indonesia .
  • Ministry of Communication Roads & Highway Department (RHD), Bangladesh.
  • KTMB (Malaysian Railways).
  • Bangladesh Railway


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